Massive Cincinnati Machines Support Production of Wind Turbine Electric Generators

Cincinnati Machines provides massive turning, milling, grinding, and drilling machines to support the clean energy efforts for the production, maintenance, and repair of wind turbine generators. Just try to image a manual or CNC lathe with a 120” swing and 3600” centers with 100-ton capacity 52” spindle bore. Obviously, there are other applications for these massive machine tools.

Cincinnati Machines CFXD Extreme-Duty CNC Flatbed Lathe turning a massive wind turbine rotor

Cincinnati Machines Anaconda XD Extreme-Duty Engine Lather with 96” Swing x 480” Centers

Cincinnati Machines CFXD Extreme-Duty CNC Flatbed Lathe with Milling (Live Tooling Capability) and Y-Axis

Cincinnati Machines CSX Extreme-Duty Slant Bed Turning Center with 60” Swing x 240” Centers

Cincinnati Machines Massive VTC-3000 Vertical Turning Center with 120” Diameter Turning Capacity


Cincinnati Machines Massive 72” Swing x 20’ Centers CNC Cylindrical Grinder with large turbine assembly being ground.


Cincinnati Massive Gantry Type CNC Milling, Drilling, Boring Machines with up to 16.6” between columns and 200’ X-Travel

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