Bar fixtures are available to handle diameter ranges from 0" to 3".


Standard long bar fixtures are available to handle bar or tubing lengths from 3' to 24'. Diameter range is from o" to 3". Although primarily designed for Cincinnati centerless grinders, they can be manufactured for other makes.

Construction consists of heavy duty ground tubing (2" diameter) for mounting the adjustable roller supports. This is flanged for mounting to the work rest and is adjustable for height to accomodate various diameters of bars or tubing. Depending on the overall length, adjustable floor stands are included for outboard support.

The roller assemblies are made from castings machined to close tolerances for mounting on the ground tubing. Ball bearing feed rollers are mounted on micrometer adjusting spring loaded screws for ease in set up. All adjustable parts can be locked in position with socket head set screws. The feed rollers are available in both steel and rubber coated.


  • 3 feet - consists of 3 roller assemblies front and 3 rear. Makes excellent outboard support for long infeed work). .....CALL
  • 6 feet - consists of 5 roller assemblies front and 5 rear with 1 floor stand front and 1 rear. .....CALL
  • 8 feet - consists of 6 roller assemblies front and 6 rear with 1 floor stand front and 1 rear. .....CALL
  • 10 feet - consists of 7 roller assemblies front and 7 rear with 2 floor stands front and 2 rear. .....CALL
  • 12 feet - consists of 8 roller assemblies front and 8 rear with 2 floor stands front and 2 rear. .....CALL

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